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Automatically organize and track anything you're working on.

Realm users prevent up to a third of their follow ups and their team's follow ups from falling through during the work week.

Want a 33% advantage?

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Color-coded for smarter note-taking and clear responsibility

Keeping track of your work (and your team's work) across email, notes and task management apps is disorganized and time consuming. Every note in Realm is color-coded so you can easily tell what's been made actionable, who is responsible and where things stand.

Actionable Notes

How Realm Works

Create a space for your projects

Everything you create and track in Realm is kept in a space like “Campaigns”, “Website”, or “Operations” and automatically organized into Notes and Actions.

Make anything actionable

Create actions (tasks) from your notes. Highlight anything you've written or @mention to make it actionable for you or someone on your team. Add due dates, custom titles and tags.

Automatically track your work

Realm starts reminding you as actions come due, fall overdue, or get marked important. Actions are organized into note cards in a feed. These cards auto-update and provide a consolidated view of your work, without having to dig through individual notes.

An automated feed tracks your work

Work without mess. Gauge what's happening with a well-organized feed that tracks all your action items, organized by note. These note cards update when new actions are created or completed.

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Safeguard Your Information

Realm SSL Security

Protection wherever you work. Secured using SSL to only permit encrypted access. All unsecure connections are prohibited.

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